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Steer clear of these 4 mistakes after a DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | DUI

Too often, people arrested on a DUI charge make matters worse for themselves by their actions and behavior. Doing so can only put at risk their chances of getting this serious charge dismissed or reduced.

Certain acts should remain at arm’s length when a law enforcement officer pulls you over for DUI. Belligerence is one of them, and so is resisting arrest. Any opportunity for a positive outcome can be kissed goodbye when resorting to such antics.

Talking too much and resisting arrest

Getting pulled over by police and arrested for DUI can jolt just about any person. But do not let emotions take over when facing this situation. Here are some things you must avoid doing:

  • Excessively talking: Words should not come tumbling from your mouth. The only thing you must do is provide the arresting officer with your name, driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. You do not have to answer any questions. But remember, the officer will attempt to get you to make incriminating statements.
  • Failing to follow instructions: Remember, any sudden movement from you may lead to tragedy. If an officer orders you to stay in your car, do so. If an officer tells you to place your hands where he or she can see them, do so.
  • Belittling the officer: You may think you know so much about the law that you patronize the arresting officer. As a result, your know-it-all behavior can lead to additional charges.
  • Resisting arrest and fleeing: Alcohol often leads to people losing their inhibitions and their judgment skills. Such behavior may lead you to attempt to physically assault the officer or flee in your car at a high rate of speed, endangering other drivers.

Any of these actions can elevate the situation. A DUI arrest is serious enough. You do not want additional charges.

Ill-timed actions and ill-fated results

You already face severe consequences, including incarceration, probation, steep fines, restitution and loss of your driver’s license. Please do not make matters worse by taking ill-timed actions that will only lead to ill-fated results.