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If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, you probably have a great many questions. Attorney John B. Carlson has put together this list of some frequently asked questions on the topic of a DUI arrest.

When you meet with John, he will take the time to discuss with you the important areas of the law applicable to your case. He will also address your individual concerns. Because of the destructive impact a DUI conviction can have on a person’s life, Attorney John B. Carlson is pleased to offer a free consultation for your DUI case.

Questions Many Of John’s Clients Have

After A DUI Arrest, You May Be Wondering:

  • What happens if the police officer failed to read me my rights?
  • Does the mandatory penalty applicable to DUI mean I will have to go to jail?
  • Is there any way I will not lose my driver’s license for a year or more?
  • How much of a fine will I have to pay?
  • Can I afford an experienced lawyer?

After meeting with Attorney Carlson, you will have answers to these and all the questions you are facing.  You will also leave with the necessary information to set your mind at ease.

Free DUI Consultation

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