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Personal Injury Cases

Attorney John B. Carlson fights for his clients. As a former college wrestler, he brings his aggressive style and competitive nature to every case.

Practicing for over 28 years of hard-fought winning experience, his achievements and notoriety as a lawyer have steadily grown. As covered extensively on TV, in the newspapers and across the internet, Attorney Carlson has successfully represented clients in some of Erie’s most highly publicized criminal cases.

As a result of his successes in criminal cases, his practice expanded into several areas of personal injury law.  Attorney Carlson has represented injured clients against Fortune 500 companies, regional hospitals and powerful pharmaceutical companies. His work has resulted in significant financial recoveries, settlements and verdicts in favor of his clients.

Getting You The Help You Need

Because of his vast experience, Attorney Carlson has met and worked with some of the best lawyers in the county, state and country. He knows many top lawyers practicing in various areas of law. So, if he is unable to personally handle your case, or if you have been injured in another city or state, take advantage of his experience and let him do his best to help you find the lawyer best-suited to assist you.

As an added service, Attorney Carlson offers free referral assistance on most legal matters. Specifically, any time you call, if Attorney Carlson cannot personally handle the case due to practical limitations or time constraints, he and his staff will do their best to help you find the right lawyer.

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As always, John B. Carlson Attorney at Law will do all he can to get the best result. So if you or a loved one need legal help, call 814-459-8011 today for a free consultation of your injury or accident case.