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Cons of getting a DUI

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | DUI

You should never drink and drive. Every state has outlawed driving while intoxicated.

Getting a DUI is not something you want to consider hard enough to start weighing the benefits and drawbacks. There are a lot of cons to this conviction and not a lot of pros. Here is a discussion of those cons.

DUI laws are broad

Based on state DUI legislation, you can get convicted of this crime for a lot of different reasons. It is a far larger umbrella than most people expect. It involves operating a vehicle while under the influence of any intoxicating substances, meaning alcohol, drugs or inhibiting prescription medications.

BAC determines DUI charges

DUIs are not just reserved for sloppy drunks and junkies. Anyone with a BAC, or blood alcohol content, of .08 or higher, can receive these charges. You do not have to display any evidence of intoxication.

Other downsides of DUIs

The process of getting a DUI is another con. It starts with you getting pulled over and having to deal with law enforcement on the side of the road. There, they will ask you to perform a sobriety test, breath test or chemical test. If the police find you have a BAC over .08, they will cuff you and bring you to the station for more tests and your arrest. Depending on your situation, they may impound your car and take your license.

The outcome of a DUI could range from spending a short time in jail to losing your job. If you have a substance abuse problem, get help before you end up with this conviction. Otherwise, you could face hefty fines and the other cons of a DUI.