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Understanding insurance rate increases after a Pennsylvania DUI

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | DUI

Besides potential legal penalties, a conviction for driving under the influence can also lead to substantial increases in your auto insurance rates. In Pennsylvania, like in many other states, insurance rate hikes after a DUI are pretty much inevitable.

Once you have a DUI in your driving history, your insurance provider may view you as a higher-risk driver, resulting in it charging you more money for insurance coverage.

How much of an increase to expect

Insure.com reports that the typical Pennsylvania motorist who receives his or her first drunk driving conviction has insurance rates rise by an average of 52%. For most drivers, this means facing an annual increase of about $754.

How long to expect higher rates

The duration of increased insurance rates can vary based on your insurance provider and the specific circumstances of your DUI. In many cases, you can expect higher rates for at least three to five years, although some insurers may continue to charge elevated premiums for longer periods after a conviction.

How to find the lowest rates available

Following a DUI conviction, you may find that some insurance providers are unwilling to insure you. If they are willing to do so, they may charge exorbitant rates. Shopping around for insurance quotes from multiple companies may help you find the best rates available to you.

In some instances, taking steps to improve your driving habits and or completing certain educational programs may help mitigate the long-term financial impact a DUI has on your insurance premiums.